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Look for your Location and mark your calendar! This summer, we are launching the book in Ecuador, Mexico, and the US! The printed book, e-book and audiobook will be available to purchase directly on this website in August, along with several special pieces that you have to see. Please add your email below to receive the notice in your email with a special pre-order discount!

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10/21/2018 – Houston Book Launch!

08/19/2018 –  Tucson Book Launch! ¡Lanzamiento en Tucson!

07/05/2018 –  ¡Lanzamiento en Cuenca!

07/10/2018 –  ¡Lanzamiento en Quito!

07/11/2018 –  ¡Lanzamiento en Cumbayá!

07/16/ 2018 – ¡Lanzamiento en Querétaro!

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