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August 19th, 2018 – Tucson Book Launch! ¡Lanzamiento en Tucson!

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July 5th, 2018 – ¡Lanzamiento en Cuenca!

July 10th, 2018 – ¡Lanzamiento en Quito!

July 11th, 2018 – ¡Lanzamiento en Cumbayá!

July 16th, 2018 – ¡Lanzamiento en Querétaro!


Look for your Location and mark your calendar! This summer, we are launching the book in Ecuador, Mexico, and the US! The printed book, e-book and audiobook will be available to purchase directly on this website in August, along with several special pieces that you have to see. Please add your email below to receive the notice in your email with a special pre-order discount!

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We have been in the process of writing the book for several years, and we are very excited to finally be able to publish the story of Jesús, our son. His life is the harbinger of many miracles to come.

Jesús has had an impact on so many people in his life. It is through Jesús, our little one who is physically blind, that God, in His incredible wisdom, is opening our eyes to really see.

Please join us to in the celebration of Jesús’ life! We started a Kickstarter campaign on Jesús’ 16th birthday last year to help us publish the book internationally. The campaign gained so much support that we were able to successfully fund the book launch! Now we are in the final stages of setting up the launch events and the book will be available in July 2018! We hope you can join us on this journey and see incredible miracles happen!

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The Authors

Andres and Marysol Malo have been married for 20 years, Andres is from Ecuador and Marysol is from Mexico, and they have three wonderful children, Paz (18), Jesus (17) and Sofi (15). Andres and Marysol were the founders of FAICE, a non-profit organization to help blind children in Ecuador. Looking for a specialized education for their son Jesus, they migrated to the United States in 2007, invited by Family Foundations International, as missionaries and as National Hispanic Coordinators to train teams and establish a culture of blessing in families. They have conducted seminars dedicated to strengthening family relationships and to restoring the value of covenant in marriage. Many of those have been translated in Spanish. They are also being used by God to be a liaison between the Anglo and the Hispanic culture in the nation. Andres is a real estate agent in Arizona, and Marysol is in the process of becoming a professional life coach through the Professional Christian Coach Institute. Both participate actively in their local church and with organizations to improve the quality of life of people living in Tucson, AZ.


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